LIPSMART uses five main actives to achieve a powerful moisture restoring effect along with a combination of plant derived conditioners to compensate for the loss of moisture. Our innovative formula contains a bio-active fusion of naturally occurring amino acids proven to revive the lips while maximizing hydration, we provide the most effective solution in lip health on the market.

Your Lips & Smile are the Brightest Feature that Defines You


How LipSmart Works

Powerful Hydration for Dry Lips

Lip Concerns: Dryness | Cracking | Deflated | Fine Lines

LIPSMART reverses & relieves the signs of these concerns through a breakthrough ingredient delivery system that boosts the skin’s natural regenerative cycle and helps’ skin function as it did when younger; resulting in a rapid, visible and dramatic powerful moisture restoring effect. When skin behaves younger it begins to look younger.


Our innovative Hydrating Technology provides active nutrients including Phytokine, Peptides, Coconut Oil and many other moisturizing ingredients from biotech and botanical origin to revive, restore and rejuvenate the lips.

Step 1

REVIVE – delivers hydrating technology

  • relieves and heals stressed and damaged skin against the abuse of the elements.
  • immediately calms and soothes with antioxidants.
  • enhances skin’s vitality for a more youthful look.

Step 2

REPLENISH – improves texture through moisture

  • a powerful bio-active blend of fruit and plant extracts reinforce and strengthen the inter-cellular function of the lips through moisturization.
  • moisture balancing lipids solve the dry lip problem by slowing down evaporation.
  • reduces signs of aging and influences volume through enhanced moisture retention.

Step 3

REJUVENATE – nourish and protect

  • sustains less damage over time.
  • plant derived conditioner forms a protective barrier to soften the lips.
  • skin ooks smoother, youthful and creates a fuller more defined lip.


AM/PM. Apply 2-3 times a day or whenever lips feel dry and need instant moisture. Can be layered under lipstick, or as a moisturizer on top. With consistent use, lips will be noticeably healthier and fuller due to the retention of moisture.

The Science Behind Our Hydrating Technology

The first two active ingredients in our formula stimulate Collagen and Hyaluronan synthesis, by tricking the skin into thinking it needs to repair itself, resulting in a natural reproduction of Collagen and Hyaluronan increasing collagen resulting in fuller, more hydrated lips. By signaling the increase of the collagen fiber count and better arranging the layout they help to improve definition and volume.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Phytokine ™ helps fill the gaps within the connective tissue, and functions as a cushy gelatin-like material providing structural support, drawing in moisture from the surrounding air and binds it to itself, reinforcing the connective tissue which improves volume and elasticity.

To lock moisture within the lips we use complex ingredients, mixing of two specific lipid types; namely Glycolipids and Ceramide-3 (Sphingolipids). These lipids soak into the skin where they reinforce the lips’ natural moisture retaining barrier thanks to their water retentive properties.

Lipids go into the epidermal barrier, and prevent moisture from escaping.

Finally, we condition the lips with Tribehenin, a skin conditioning agent that works as a smoothing lubricant and humectant forming a protective barrier on the skin, slowing down water loss and helping to keep the skin hydrated. Think of this as the final coat of varnish that seals in all the moisturizing goodness.

So on the one hand, LIPSMART boosts the natural water attracting components of the lips and on the other hand, LIPSMART builds a wall to reserve and lock moisture in.

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