With the newest technology and little to no downtime, more and more men are turning to age-fighting skin treatments to look and feel better.

The face of cosmetic dermatology is changing, literally. According to Susan Touma, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Huntington Dermatology Inc., age-fighting skin treatments have become increasingly popular among one group in particular: men.

“More and more men are turning to cosmetic dermatology as a way to look and feel better,” Dr. Touma said. “And their reasoning isn’t all that different from our female clients. They want to feel better about themselves. They want results that are effective, safe, natural and noticeable.”

She said men commonly opt for wrinkle-reducing treatments such as Botox and Dysport and dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm. CoolSculpting, a groundbreaking treatment that removes fat cells from the body, continues to gain in popularity.

“Men today care about their appearance,” she said. “They work out, they eat well and they want to look as young as they feel. They want to be the best version of themselves they can be. And for a lot of men, cosmetic dermatology plays a role in that.”

Forget about frown lines.

Getting rid of wrinkles is the easiest and most effective way to give your skin a relaxed, rested and youthful look. Dr. Touma said Botox and Dysport, two injectable prescription medications, offer a high level of control for removing and softening frown lines and “crow’s feet.”

“Botox and Dysport are technique-sensitive treatments, meaning your results are directly tied to the skill of your specialist,” Dr. Touma said. “When the treatments are performed correctly, you’ll still look like yourself – just with less noticeable frown lines and crow’s feet.”

Expression lines caused by frowning, smiling and squinting are usually deeper in men than in women. Still, men aren’t looking for that totally smooth, “frozen” look.

“Most men want to reduce their frown lines and wrinkles, not get rid of them entirely,” she said.

With both Botox and Dysport, the actual injection process only takes about 10 minutes. The treatments work by reducing the activity of the muscles that contract with facial expressions.

“We often call these ‘lunchtime procedures,’” Dr. Touma said. “You can come in for a treatment and head right back to work – no downtime, no pain, no recovery period. I think that’s important for men and women alike. They want procedures that don’t take much time and have very few side effects.”

Say goodbye to sagging skin.

As we age, Dr. Touma said, our skin doesn’t just look older. It looks more tired, too. Injectable dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm soften lines and restore volume. Subtle changes have a dramatic impact, she said.

“Volume loss is an often-overlooked part of facial aging,” Dr. Touma said. “Imagine a deflating balloon. When the balloon is fully inflated, it appears smooth. But as it deflates, it becomes wrinkled and misshapen, and imperfections become more pronounced. Those imperfections disappear when the balloon is inflated again. It’s the same with our skin – restoring volume means restoring your skin’s young, robust appearance.”

While women often focus on the fullness of their lips, Dr. Touma said, men tend to focus more on the nasolabial creases, or “smile lines.” Dermal fillers fill in those creases, rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.

“There are many different types of dermal fillers, and a filler that’s appropriate for one person may not be the best choice for someone else,” she said. “With men, not only is their skin different from women, but their goals often are too. Don’t be nervous to ask your dermatologist about his or her experience with your specific skin type and your desired results.”

Flush out fat for good.

For men who’ve been eating right and exercising and still have belly fat or other stubborn bulges, a nonsurgical fat-freezing treatment called CoolSculpting is a game-changer.

“For a long time, the only way to completely remove fat cells was to have surgery,” Dr. Touma said. “But with CoolSculpting, fat cells in targeted areas are frozen, processed and eliminated – naturally and permanently. Those stubborn areas of fat essentially fade away.”

CoolSculpting works by freezing targeted fat cells, which are then flushed away by the body’s natural metabolic process. Treatments are most commonly performed on the abdomen, thigh, flank and neck.

Dr. Touma said patients often work or watch TV during CoolSculpting treatments, which last about an hour per treatment area. At Huntington Dermatology, two CoolSculpting machines allow multiple areas to be treated simultaneously, providing better results in half the time.

“Cosmetic dermatology isn’t just for women,” Dr. Touma said. “It’s for anyone who wants to look and feel better. Today’s treatments offer fast results, little to no downtime and the latest in age-fighting technology. Turning back time has never been easier.”

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